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National Indoor Championships Sun 5th December

We had a good days pulling at the Indoor Championshps which were held at Beith.We had teams from Ayrshire , Cornhill & Tinto.

It was good to see so many new young pullers competing in there first Championships.

We started of with the Mixed 580kg and with only teams from Ayrshire and Tinto but after a good pull Tinto came out winners to claim the first Gold medal.

We then moved on to the 680kg and with 3 team competing it was a good competition in which Cornhill took the Gold after some good pulling.

The 600kg was next where we saw Cornhill take the second Gold of the day after a good long pull. The last weigh of the day was the 640kg where we had 3 teams again but this time Ayrshire came out on to to claim the Gold medal.

Teams will now continue to train towards the British & Irish Championships which are being held in N Ireland at the end of January. After that we will be going over to Holland to try and retail our current Gold medals at the World Indoor Championships.

Tinto TOWCMixed 580kg National Indoor Champions 2021 Cornhill TOWC National 600kg Champions 2021
Ayrshire TOWC 640kg National Champions 2021 Cornhill TOWC 680kg National Champions 2021

Scottish National Championships Aug 1st 2021.


With a new competition venue and a great scenery we held our Championships at Fintry Rugby club and the venue and as it turned out to be our best Championships in many years.

We had teams from Ayrshire, Brechin, Callandar,Cornhill, Elgin & SSS. All clubs had Gents and Ladies competing for the first time

Mixed 580kg 1st Cornhill, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Elgin.

Gents 560kg 1st Ayrshire, 2nd Cornhill, 3rd Callandar.-- Ladies 500kg 1st Ayrshire, 2nd Callandar, 3rd Cornhill.

Gents 600kg 1st Callandar, 2nd Cornhill, 3rd Elgin. -------Ladies 520kg 1st Callandar, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Brechin.

Gents 640kg 1st Ayrshire, 2nd Cornhill, 3rd Callandar.---Ladies 540kg 1st Ayrshire, 2nd Callendar, 3rd Brechin.

Gents 680kg 1st Cornhill, 2nd Ayrshire, 3rd Elgin.---------Ladies 560kg 1st Ayrhire, 2nd Callandar, 3rd SSS.

Gents 720kg 1st Cornhill, 2nd Elgin, 3rd Ayrshire.


Elgin TOWC Mixed 580kg Ayrshire TOWC


British & Irish Indoor Championships 2020

A great weekend was had by all our pullers who travelled down to Malford to compete at the British Championhips.

Teams from England, N Ireland, Wales & Scotland pulled over 2 days in the Closed and Clubs and both performed excellently.

This was our Sqaud preparing for the forthcoming World Indoor Champions which will take place in Letterkenny Ireland on Feb 20th - 23rd .

Results Closed Championships

Saturday 1st Feb


Gold - N Irleland , Silver Scotland. Bronze England A


Gold - Scotland , Silver N Ireland , Bronze , England A

Open Clubs Sun 2nd Feb


Gold - Ayrshire , Silver Country Club


Gold - Country Club, Silver Ayrhire


Gold - Cornhill , Silver Country Club

National Indoor Championship 2019.

Teams from Ayrshire, Cornhill & Tinto Gents & Ladies competed at Beith on Sunday Dec 8th 2019.

A high standard of competitive pulling took place over the 4 weights 600kg,640kg,680kg & Mixed 580kg.

Results as follows.

Ayrshire TOWC Silver 600kg
Ayrshire TOWC Silver 640kg
Ayrshire TOWC Gold 680kg
Ayrshire TOWC Gold Mixed 580kg
Cornhill TOWC Gold 600kg
Cornhill TOWC Gold 640kg

Cornhill TOWC Bronze 680kg

Cornhill TOWC Silver Mixed 580kg
Tinto TOWC Bronze 640kg
Tinto TOWC Silver 680kg


British & Irish Championships Aug 9th & 10th

An amazing weekend for Scottish tug of war at the British and Irish championships.
It kicked off on Friday morning with Scotland A teams both winning gold in the mens 600kg and ladies 520kg. The ladies B team also did brilliantly, punching way above their weight to win the bronze medal weighing in 30kg light. Scotland then went into the afternoon weights, the men's 680kg and the ladies 560kg. The Scotland ladies showed real class again winning gold with their 520kg team. This left the mixed with Scotland putting out 2 strong teams but the days efforts took their toll and were pipped at post in a 3 ender final against a very strong England team.
Onto the second day with Elgin, Ayrshire and Cornhill competing in the clubs day. First of all Cornhill men won gold in the 600kg. Ayrshire ladies winning the 520kg. Cornhill then made 1 change from their double gold 600 team to make the 560kg catergory obliterating class opposition to again win gold. The Scottish clubs all then competed in the final weight of the championship the mixed and all of the made the semifinals. This set up an interesting local derby final between Elgin and Cornhill but Cornhill had been more efficient through the weight and controlled the final to win their 4th gold of the championships.

Cornhill TOWC British & Irish Champions 600kg Closed & Open clubs
Ayrshire TOWC 520kg Open club Champions
Elgin TOWC Silver medallist`s Mixed 580kg
Cornhill TOWC Closed B& I Mixed 580kg
Ayrshire Gold Medallists Ladies 520kg & 560kg
Cornhill TOWC European Championships
Cornhill TOWC Ladies
Cornhill 600kg British & Irish Club Champions

Closed Competition - Results Summary

Men - Gold - Scotland A - Silver - Northern Ireland B - Bronze - Republic of Ireland A

Ladies 520kg - Gold - Scotland A - Silver - England A (Bedford Ladies) - Bronze - Scotland B

Men 680kg - Gold - England A (Lincoln) - Silver - England B (Felton Eccles) - Bronze - Republic of Ireland

Ladies 560kg - Gold - Scotland A - Silver - England A (Haldon Ladies) - Bronze - England B (Oxney Vines Cross Ladies)

Mixed 580kg - Gold - England A (Lincoln/Bedford) - Silver - Scotland A) - Bronze - England B (Upper Eden)

Open Club Competition - Results Summary

Ladies 560kg - Gold - Bedford Ladies - Silver - Haldon Ladies - Bronze - Upper Eden Ladies

Men 680 - Gold - Lincoln - Silver - Castlegregory (Republic of Ireland) - Bronze - Felton Eccles

Ladies 520kg - Gold - Ayrshire (Scotland) - Silver - Bedford Ladies - Bronze - Haldon Ladies

Men 640kg - Gold - Lincoln - Silver - Greenhills (Northern Ireland) - Bronze - Felton Eccles

Men 560kg - Gold - Cornhill (Scotland) - Silver - Greenhills (Northern Ireland) - Bronze - Bancran (Northern Ireland)

Men 600kg - Gold - Cornhill (Scotland) - Silver - G&B (Republic of Ireland) - Bronze - Lincoln

Mixed 580kg - Gold - Cornhill (Scotland) - Silver - Elgin (Scotland) - Bronze - Haldon


Sun July 21st Stonehaven Highland Games

The setting for our National Championships was once again the Highland Games at Stonehaven. The weather was very kind this year and the pulling surface was excellent.

We had Gents teams from Ayrshire, Callendar, Cornhill, Elgin & Kinneff. From the Ladies teams we had Ayrshire,Cornhill & Callendar.

The first weight of the day was the Gents 640kg and it was off to good start from Cornhill who defeated Elgin in the final. This set up Cornhill for the day as they ran out winners in all weights 560kg.600kg.640kg,680kg & 720kg. Elgin did there best to follow up behind Cornhill in the 640kg,680kg & 720kg but on the day Cornhill were on top form. Ayrshire took the Silver in the 600kg and Bronze in the 640kg & 680kg . Other medallists were Callendar in the 720kg. The Ladies 500kg was won by Cornhill and Callendar picked up Silver. Ayrshire won Gold in 520kg,540kg,560kg with Cornhill taking Silver in the other weights.

Our next stop will be over in N Ireland next month to compete in the British & Irish Championships which are taking place in Coleraine on Fri 9th Aug and Sat 10th Aug.



Sat July 6th Fettercairn Show

Our first National weight of the year took place at the Fettercairn Show at 580kg Mixed. We had a good turnout of teams and some exellent

pulling thoughout the day.

Teams from Ayshire, Brechin , Durris, Elgin, Kinneff ,Cornhill

Mixed 580kg 1st Cornhill 2nd Ayrshire A 3rd Ayrshire B

Gents 500kg 1st Cornhill 2nd Ayrshire 3rd Elgin

Gents 640kg 1st Cornhill 2nd Elgin 3rd Ayrshire

Ladies 410kg 1st Ayrshire 2nd Cornhill 3rd Brechin


Sat June 22nd Highland Show

Gents 1st Carluke , 2nd Callendar, 3rd Fife & Kinross

Ladies 1st Ayr , 2nd Biggar, 3rd

June 8th

Aberdeen Highland Games.

Teams from Cornhill , Braemar, Durris, Elgin,& Keith competed,

Gents 500kg 1st Cornhill, 2nd Keith, 3rd Elgin B , 4th Elgin A


June 1st

Young Farmers Qualifiers

East Ladies 1st Brechin, 2nd Fife & Kinross, 3rd Strathearn

East Gents 1st Fife & Kinross, 2nd Bathgate, 3rd Strathearn

North Gents 1st Keith & District, 2nd New Deer, 3rd Durris

North Ladies 1st Keith & Districk

West Gents 1st Carluke, 2nd Biggar 3rd Callendar

West Ladies 1st Ayr, 2nd Callendar Red, 3rd Biggar.

May 26th Stonehaven

Teams from the following clubs took part Braemar,Brechin,Cornhill,Elgin,Keith. New Deer

Results as follows.

410kg 1st Keith, 2nd Cornhill, 3rd Brechin

500kg 1st Cornhill, 2nd Keith, 3rd Elgin B

580kg Mixed 1st Cornhill, 2nd Elgin,3rd Keith

640kg 1st Cornhill, 2nd Keith, 3rd Elgin A


The first pulling of the year took place at Biggar Rugby Cub on Sunday May 5th. We had the Lanarkshire Young Farmers Qualifier.

Teams from Avondale, Bigger, Carluke, Lesmahagow. Gents & Ladies


Gent 1st Carluke. 2nd Bigger. 3rd Lesmahagow.

Ladies 1st Bigger, 2nd Carluke 3rd Lesmahagow

Avondale TOWC
Biggar TOWC
Carluke TOWC
Lesmahagow TOW
Carluke TOWC
Clyde & Central TOWC


2018 Preview

Ayrshire National Champions 560kg
Ayrshire 640 kg British & Irish Championshipships Indoor
Ayrshire 560kg
Ayrshire Squad going to Basque Country Open Clubs 2019
Cornhill British & Irish 600kg Open Club Champions 2018
Cornhill Mixed 560kg National Champions
Cornhill Sqaud
Cornhill Indoor Sqaud 2019-20
Cornhill British & Irish 2019
Elgin TOWC competing British & Irish 2018
Elgin in action at British & Irish Championships
Elgin TOWC representing at the British & Irish Championships Silver Medallists 600kg Mixed
TintoIndoor 2018
Tinto Indoor Squad 2018
Ayrshire British & Irish Champions 2018




Scottish National Outdoor 2018

Ayrshire TOWC Winners Mixed 580kg
Ayrshire TOWC competing at European Championships
Ayrshire TOWC
Tinto TOWC 680kg
Cornhill TOWC B&I Championships Piper Dam


Mixed 580kg

Gold - Ayrshire, Silver Cornhill , Bronze Tinto


Gold - Ayrshire, Silver, Tinto, Bronze Cornhill


Gold - Tinto, Silver, Ayrshire, Bronze, Cornhill


Gold - Ayrshire, Silver, Cornhill, Bronze Tinto



World Outdoor Championships

Sept 2018.

Ayrshire Ladies competed at the World Outdoor Championships in Cape Town where they became World Club Champions in the 500kg class.

This is the first time in the Associations history that a team from Scotland has returned with a Gold medal from the World Outdoors. The team has been

together for over 8 year and they have won numerous medals at National and British Championships but this is a first.

Sun Aug 26th

This took place at the Granton on Spey Highland Games and it was the last games of the season for our pullers.

Teams from Braemar,Cornhill,Cawdor,Elgin A & B, & Kinneff. This was probably the best competition of the season in the 500kg Class even with the weather

not being the best some good pulling took place.


1st Cornhill, 2nd Elgin A, 3rd Braemar, 4th Cawdor, 5th Kinneff.

Cornhill TOWC club also won the 725kg at the Games continuing the success of previous Games.


Sat & Sun 11th & 12th Aug

British & Irish Championships

Tremendous weekend of Tow just past at the British & Irish championships in Bedford ,the biggest ever haul of medals from the Scottish teams at an outdoor championships.4 Cornhill lads with a puller each from Tinto,Kinneff,Braemar and Fife&Kinross represented Scotland A in a tough 11 team league where they sneaked into the semis against the favourites and multiple medallists at international level Norton who were representing England A Scotland’s aggressive tactics proved too much for England and Scotland made it thru to the final winning 2-0 with the 1st end being re-centered, Ireland A was too strong in the final and won the gold medal 2-0.Next up the Cornhill lads and lassies represented Scotland in the mixed where after a 10 team league and overcoming England B in the semis they came up against England A in the final the European champions though were in fine form and England won 2-0. Ayrshire ladies also won 2 medals on day 1 with a gold in the 520 and silver in the 560.
Sunday was club day where the teams pull in the club colours Cornhill started the day with their best ever result at this level overcoming world class opponents G&B from Rep Ireland in the 600kg semis and then rattling up Norton again and winning gold in a feisty 2-1 win truly a fine performance especially losing the toss in the deciding 3rd ends in both semi and the final. The 4 Cornhill ladies then made up a team with 4 Irish lassies to get some extra pulling and made it thru to the last 4 in the 520 but just missed out on the bronze. The men entered the 560kg event and once again made the semis, but no final this time after losing to Upper Eden from England, the bronze pull was hard going but Cornhill got another medal winning 2-0 against Haldon from England. Last comp of the day was the mixed 580kg and with a lot of bodies now tiring 6 teams entered for a final chance to win medals, Cornhill proved worthy winners and won in fine style without dropping an end. Ayrshire ladies added to their medal haul by winning the 520 event, Elgin were also in Bedford competing in just their 2nd international event and stuck in both days and just missed out on medals in the 640 and 720 events on Sunday


Scotland medals winners
Day 1:
Men’s closed 600kg silver Scotland (Cornhill)
Mixed closed 580kg silver Scotland (Cornhill)
Ladies closed 520kg gold Scotland (Ayrshire)
Ladies closed 560kg silver Scotland (Ayrshire

Day 2
Men’s clubs 560kg bronze Cornhill
Men’s clubs 600kg gold Cornhill
Mixed clubs 580kg gold Cornhill
Ladies clubs 520 kg gold Ayrshire



Sun 15th July

Scottish Nationals Championships took place at the Stonehaven Highland Games on a very hot and dry day. We had teams in the Gents and Ladies

Results are as follows

520kg Ladies 1st Ayrshire 2nd Cornhill 3rd Fife & Kinross

560kg Ladies 1st Ayrshire 2nd Cornhill 3rd Fife & Kinross

580 Gents 1st Ayrshire 2nd Elgin

600kg Gents 1st Cornhill 2nd Ayrshire 3rd Elgin

640kg Gents 1st Cornhill 2nd Ayrshire 3rd Kinneff

680kg Gents 1st Cornhill 2nd Elgin 3rd Fife & Kinross

700kg Gents 1st Cornhill 2nd Elgin 3rd Fife & Kinross



Sat 23rd June

Royal Highland Show took place in near prefect condition. Having 10 Gents teams and 10 Ladies teams it was a great day pulling.

Biggar YF TOWC must be congratulated on winning this event for the 7th year. In the Ladies competition we had a great final between Ayrshire YF TOWC

and Keith YF TOWC with Ayrshire again winning this year after a very hard battle.

Biggar YF TOWC -Gold
Ayrshire YF TOWC -Gold
Carluke YF TOWC - Silver
Keith YF TOWC - Silver
Fife & Kinross - Bronze
Clyde & Central - Bronze


Sunday 17th June

Aberdeen Highland was the venue for the 6 a-side open under amatuer rules.

Teams from Callendar, Cornhill , Elgin, & Strathardle competed at the show.


1st Cornhill A

2nd Strathardle

3rd Elgin

4th Cornhill B

5th Callendar.

Next competition will be the Royal Highland Show where we have 10 x Ladies and 10 x Gents competing

Timings 14.45hrs Briefing

First Pull 16.00hrs.


Sun 27th May

The first competition of the season took place at Stonehaven under a very hot and sunny day.

We had teams from Ayrshire, Bechin,Cornhill, Elgin,Fife & Kinross, Kinneff & New Deer competing.

Ladies 410kg

1st Cornhill 2nd Brechin

Ladies C/W

1st Ayrshire 2nd Cornhill

Mixed 480kg

1st Ayrshire 2nd Elgin

Gents 480kg

1st Ayrshire 2nd Elgin

640kg ( GENSB)

1st Ayrshire 2nd Cornhill 3rd Elgin

The next competition will be the Youg Farmers Qualifiers whic will be taking place over 3 venues .

Newmils Show, Fife Show & Cornhill Highalnd Games.


World Championships China March 2018

Ladies 540kg competing at World Championships China.
Ladies 540kg
Mixed 600kg
Mens 680kg World Champions

Brittish & Irish Championships Feb 10th - 11th


500kg Winners
Tinto TOWC representing .
Mixed 600kg
Winners 540kg
Mixed 600kg Winners
Tinto Clubs
Tinto TOWC